Stretching towel with loops: Easy-to-wash your body

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A non-stretching towel is sometimes difficult to wash your body

For stroke survivors with hemiplegia, a towel that has loops on both ends is sometimes introduced to wash his/her body oneself. But through the clinical practice, I thought that it was sometimes difficult to wash your body. Particularly, that is the arm with less effect of paralysis, part of the back and so on. Because you have to pull each end of the towel alternately to wash your body if you use a non-stretching towel. But, this is NOT easy for stroke survivors with severe or moderate motor deficits. Therefore, when one hand is difficult to move, another hand with less affected used to pull the towel. In this case, the towel on the back doesn’t move more and more, because of pull in one direction.

For these reasons, I want to provide information about a “Stretching towel with loops” for stroke survivors with severe or moderate motor deficits to wash their bodies more conveniently.

Stretching towel is one of the most convenient tools for stroke survivors to wash your body

In the bellow video, both a non-stretching towel and a stretching towel were picked up to compare with the difference of behaviors. This is the order a non-stretching towel and then a stretching towel.

Stretching towel: easy-to-wash your body


Focus on the difference in behavior

A green towel is a non-stretching towel. And a pink towel is a stretching towel (see below figures). Both are pulling the towels with a left hand, but it can be seen a difference in the degree of wrinkle on the T-shirt. Using a stretching towel, the wrinkles on the T-shirt were larger than using a non-stretching towel. In other words, it suggests that a stretching towel can firmly rub your body.

A NON-stretching towel
A stretching towel

If you want this tool, you can buy it named “Nobiru body wash” at DAISO in JAPAN for one dollar.

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