How to cut vegetables with single-hand

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Cooking is sometimes not easy, but you can again!!

People following stroke have the motivation to cook something for oneself, family and anyone. But some stroke survivors with an affected hand sometimes convince that cooking is difficult forever. Because almost of cooking needs both hands. For example, imagine cutting cabbage. In general, you need to hold the cabbage with one hand to keep it from moving, and with the other hand, you cut it using a kitchen knife. But it’s not true. Some tips help you cook again.


Today’s Daily TIP: hold cabbage with a pot lid

Using a pod lid, you can hold the cabbage!!!
See the video below.

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  1. Remove the cabbage core and divide it into 2cm pieces.
  2. Crush and flatten cabbage.
  3. Place the pot lid on the cabbage.
    (The cabbage does not move if the pot lid is heavy)
  4. Move the pot lid and cut the cabbage.


Supplement information:

  1. You can use a dish instead of a pot lid. But during cooking, your hands are wet. So, I believe that actually you try using it, you can move the lid more easily than the plate.
  2. If the pot lid made of glass, you can see the amount of remain. This is useful when cutting vegetables evenly.


We hope this tip helps your daily life.


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