How to button the sleeve cuffs with one hand for stroke survivors

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The sleeve cuffs can button!  

To button the sleeve cuffs of the casual shirts or white shirts is one of the daily activity to need finger dexterity. The buttons that around of chest and belly can be able to close and release easily. Because these buttons can see during manipulate. The button near neck is difficult to button more and more. Because these buttons can not see, and manipulate rely to only finger sensory and imaging. However, these buttons on the front of the body were usually fastened and unfastened by one hand, so the solution is relatively quick.

On the other hand, the buttons on the sleeves must be fastened with one hand. It is especially difficult for stroke survivors to fasten the cuffs on the non-paralyzed hand side.
Therefore, this page introduces “How to button a shirt sleeve with one hand” which is done by a real stroke survivor.

A stroke survivor fasten a shirt sleeve with one hand

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Alternative: How to fasten the button of cuffs in advance

The solution that introduce above need finger dexterity. In addition, the range of motion of wrist or the size of the wear relate. Therefore, some people may not be able to do it.

Alternative method, if you button the sleeve on the non-paralyzed hand side in advance and then pass the sleeve through, this The problem can be solved. In order to realize the method of pre-buttoning the sleeves, it is necessary to have a cuff that can be passed through the hand even when the button is closed. You’ll need to consider the size, and you may need to consider your choice of clothing.

The more options you have, the more likely many of you will be able to do it yourself, so We will continue to look for other methods. If you know a better way, please let me know by using the comment box below.

We also show you how to wear a tie with a shirt and a one-handed tie. Please refer to it, if you like.

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