Special gloves for cane users

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Do you wear the groves in the autumn/winter ?


I often see some people with stroke who don’t use gloves, even if they use cane outdoor in cold days. Why they don’t wear the gloves? I asked them and answers were below. For example, wearing the gloves were difficult, wearing gloves makes it difficult to hold the cane firmly because it’s too slippery, wearing gloves makes it hard to take things out or open the zipper and so on.
Thus, for some people, in view of their needs to use hand smoothly, their hands are cold, but the choice is made to “bear it” There are things that happen.

In such a case, the following products may solve above problems.

Specific product for cane users


・care pocket™ (KINDCARE) : 10,000 YEN(out of tax)
You can buy it from official web site! (新しいタブで開く)”> > You can buy it from official web site!

care pocket™ (KINDCARE)」
care pocket™ (KINDCARE)」
care pocket™ (KINDCARE)」


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