How stroke survivors put on and take off a jacket while standing

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How posture do you practice?


Rehabilitation will begin shortly after the onset of stroke. At the same time, most of the stroke survivors will carry out self-care activities to the extent possible. Among them, Changing clothes is one of the daily activities that are highly likely to be able to do by themselves.
To get the ability to change clothes, most of the stroke survivors practice in the sitting position. And some people do not practice in the standing position. But after discharge from the hospital, at the outdoor, some people have to put on and take off the clothes in the standing. So, for some people, tips about changing clothing while standing is needed. This page introduces it through the below video.

There is a high risk of falls, so it is important that you perform it according to your physical ability. If you try changing clothes in the standing, be careful, and should have someone watch over it if necessary.

Put on and take off a jacket while standing

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