Tips of wearing and taking off the outer with one-hand for stroke survivors

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Some stroke survivors DO NOT know tips about wearing and taking off clothes.


Just as clothes change with the season, the types of clothes that bring to the hospital during hospitalization change. I don’t know why, but I heard that one of the stroke survivors said it was difficult to wear outerwear after discharge. I suspected that He/She was hospitalized in the summer, had no chance to wear front-opening outerwear at the hospital, and did not practice wearing it.
Therefore, I think that it is necessary not only to practice depending on the season but also to solve the dressing movements for the whole year during hospitalization from a long-term perspective.

There are several types of outerwear. But this time, I’m going to provide the tips of wearing/taking off the front-opening outerwear. I believe that these tips will be able to apply some wear like white shirts, cardigans, and jackets. In addition, as supplementary things, these tips also will be able to wear/take off the wear even if that clothing is appropriate size not oversized against your physique.

I hope these tips help you.

Tips of wearing/taking off of front-opening wear

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▶︎ Tips of wearing outerwear

There are two tips about wearing outerwear.
First of all, you pass the sleeve through the more affected arm. and you pull up the base of the sleeve until your shoulder is completely hidden.

Figure 1. Tips for wearing outerwear
(麻痺側: Side of more affected arm)

The second tip is pulling the collar clothes that there is around the neck until the non-affected shoulders are hidden.

Figure 2. Tips for wearing outerwear
(非麻痺側: Side of non-affected arm)

How to raise the zipper is one of the daily activities that many people are in trouble. A link to the previously uploaded video “Fastening clothes with S-shaped hook” is provided in the related video at the bottom of the page. Please take a look together if you like!!

▶︎The tips of taking off outerwear

There are six tips related to taking of wear.

The first tip is to take off the clothes on the affected shoulder. The second tip is taking off the wear on the non-affected shoulder.

Figure 3. Tips for taking off outerwear
(麻痺側: Side of the affected arm, 非麻痺側: Side of the non-affected arm)

The third tip is to pull your clothes down from your back. The fourth tip is pulling sleeve down near the non-paralyzed elbow.

Figure 4. Tips for taking off outerwear
(麻痺側: Side of the affected/paralyzed arm, 非麻痺側: Side of the non-affected/paralyzed arm)

The fifth tip is to Insert the edge of outerwear of the unaffected arm side to under the thigh.

Figure 5. Tips for taking off outerwear
(麻痺側: Side of the affected arm, 非麻痺側: Side of the non-affected arm)

The sixth tip is to Pull out your elbows so that your elbow does not get caught in the clothes. If you can do the fourth tip enough, you can do this more easily.

Figure 6. Tips for taking off outerwear
(非麻痺側: Side of the non-affected arm)

This time, the points of how to wear and take off the jacket were taken up. When going out, it is especially necessary to put on and take off the outerwear, so I hope that these tips will help stroke survivors dress and go out.

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