How to crack an egg with single-hand

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Eggs often used in cooking and making sweets

When cracking the shell of the egg, you probably do it with both hands. But motor paralysis, which is a sequela after a stroke, cause affects the fingers and makes it difficult to make fine and delicate movements. Therefore, when trying to crack the shell of the egg, the eggshell may enter eggs due to too much power. It is also difficult to remove the shell once it enters the egg. So You might consider doing it in a different way.

For example, when watching a cooking show, there are chefs who are breaking eggs with one hand, aren’t you! I tried to imitate it, but I felt that the shell was crushed and it did not work. Because I’m not used to cracking the shell of the egg with a single hand and I didn’t know the tips.

What do you think what tips for cracking an egg with one hand?

The tips are “how to hold eggs” and “how to move hands”. If you can understand these and crack the eggshell, you will be able to crack quickly with one hand. I will show you how!

How to crack an egg by single-hand


If you crack 3 eggs, you may get skills !?

How was the video?

After learning this method, I tried it three times. Actually, I became I can crack the eggshell easily with one hand. In a clinical intervention as an occupational therapy session, I provided these tips to a stroke survivor who hasn’t been cooking for a long time due to admission. As a result, the client became to be able to crack the egg completely without the eggshell entering the egg.

There may be individual differences in learning. However, I would be glad if many stroke survivors will know this tip and challenge to crack eggs and you are able to make some kinds of dishes using eggs!!

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