No more tying your shoelaces: Recommended to stroke survivors

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For eliminating the anxiety of shoelace


There are some types of shoes. For example, slip-on type, velcro type, and shoelace type. Shoelace type shoes are sometimes will come loose string and should tie in outside. So that some stroke survivors avoid wearing shoelace type shoes. However, if they can wear some shoelace type shoes without fear, the choice of shoes is expanded. I introduced how to tie shoelace with one hand before, but I heard that is difficult for some stroke survivors to do the method.

How to tie shoelace with one hand

So this page, I introduce a more easy way. That is using goods made of “silicon band” looks like a shoelace.
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Putting silicone rubber on my shoes instead of shoelaces



Where to buy

Amazon .com

The product introduced in the above video is “coolnice“.
There are several similar products, but “coolnice” is the most number of reviews is 655, and it got 4 stars. So I chose it because it seemed to be good overall. 


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