How to cut round vegetables stably with one hand for stroke survivors

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Round vegetables are difficult to cut with one hand

Before I cooked stew with one hand (see detail is here), Some round vegetables were difficult to cut appropriate size. “Onion” is one of the representative round vegetables. However, if the onion that is easy to roll can be cut in half first, it will be easy to peel the skin and cut the required size easily. Therefore, if you can find a way to cut an onion in half smoothly this problem will be able to solve. Stroke survivors with severe paralysis hand will be almost difficult to hold down and fix the onion by hand. How can stroke survivors cut the onion in half without rolling?

I think these cooking tips will also help stroke survivors to cook!

A lid opener is a useful tool to stable round vegetables

This solution was provided by a stroke survivor who is good at cooking with one hand.

Cut round vegetables with one hand
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A lid opener that is used when you can not open a lid is a useful tool to hold an onion. The tips are to use the round frame of a lid opener effectively and put the onion on it. By doing so the onion can be stabilized and cut in half easily.

The lid opener has a round frame of several sizes. You will be able to apply to cut not only an onion but also some round fruits like oranges or kiwi.

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